Group Travel – Students

Music Tours and Festivals
FunME Events and World Group Travel has been providing domestic and international tours to music and theater organizations for over 45 years. We provide travel opportunities to student, youth and adult music and theater groups.

International Tours and Performances

students2International travel for music and theater groups is still the top on many group’s “wish list,” but organizations now seek to have a travel experience, not just another tour. Our destinations and events include the services of a professional concierge that will assist with every detail for the group. FunME Events and World Group Travel has been offering performance tours to Europe for years, and has provided music tour to school groups, university groups and adult performance groups. You select the international destination and our staff will put the ultimate tour to showcase your group. Whether it is concerts in World Class performance Halls or a competition type experience, we have the affordable options for your group. For as little as $695.00 (plus air), we provide unique international experiences and lasting memories.

Domestic Tours and Performances

Each tour and event we produce is as special as the Concierge we assign to the activity. We plan each Tour and Event to meet the needs and students3standards of each organization and group. We review each activity to make the journey a true experience. On all our tours we offer our Deluxe Concierge Service to assure the organization the best experience possible. We have Concierge Specialist in all areas of performance options, be it a concert, parade or professional workshop. We offer competitive Festivals and tours to every major U.S. and Canadian city.

Theme Park Festivals

We offer competitive and non-competitive Theme Park Music Festivals students4for Bands, Choirs, Orchestras and select ensembles. We offer festivals in most U.S. and Canadian theme Parks. Our festivals are conducted both in the Theme Park and at near-by concert venues. We can arrange an affordable overnight package in any of our theme park locations. Theme Park Festival and performance packages start from as low as $36.00 per performer.

Custom Music & Theater Tours

Our staff will customize your music or theater tour to meet your travel requirements, yet will add that special touch to make it unique for your students5group.  We select activities to meet your interest and our tours are customized to exceed the high standards of your group.  As an organizer of your group tour, just give us your destination and basic requirements and we will present to you and your organization a customized tour that will more than appease your organization. Whether it is a performance tour in Orlando, or a theater workshop in New York City, or a Jazz performance at Sea, we can make this event happen. We offer competitive Festivals in every major U.S. and Canadian city. Custom Tour and performance packages start from as low as $189.00 per performer.

Broadway and Theater Workshops

We offer Broadway show tickets and Broadway Workshops for Choirs, students6music groups, dance clubs and select theater ensembles. We offer these in over 40 World Class cities. Our packages can include a festival competition or an optional performance. We can also arrange an affordable overnight package in any of our theater destinations. Theater and workshop packages start from as low as $79.00 per student.